Authentic Tinware Crafted
by Casting Artisans

Hitachi Suzuki is a tinware brand from a casting factory in Ibaraki, Japan. From sand casting through surface finish, the artisans carefully hand-craft items one by one, and this creates unique sand patterns and other appealing features which make each piece one-of-a-kind.
With its comfortable weight, a perfect fit in hand, and the smooth sensation of tin on the lips, Hitachi Suzuki makes your drink special.

About Us, Sawahata Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

In 1973, we, Sawahata Seisakusho Co., Ltd., started operation as an aluminum alloy foundry with a small melting furnace in the corner of a warehouse. Supported by our customers and many other stakeholders, we have now developed to become a company capable of delivering finished parts including copper alloy castings to customers.
"We are always wholeheartedly committed to manufacturing. Using our originality and ingenuity, we strive to enhance our techniques and skills and contribute to the development of people and society."
With this corporate philosophy, we have been working to maintain and enhance the quality of our products.
In our company, there was once an employee certified as "Contemporary Master Craftsman" and currently there are casting masters who received the "Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship." Handing down these cultivated techniques to our next generation, we are continually advancing day by day.
Based on the techniques that we have accumulated, we are passionate about creating new products. Hitachi Suzuki was thus born through trial and error, while we demonstrated our originality and ingenuity.

The Features of Tinware

Tinware has been used in people’s lives over thousands of years. Tin has a low melting point and relatively soft nature, and due to its high thermal conductivity, the container gets cold when it is chilled in the refrigerator before use, so that drinks also get cold even without ice. With its strong rust and corrosion resistance, the material can also be safely used as tableware. As all Hitachi Suzuki items are hand-crafted, each has distinctive uniqueness.

Delivering Japanese Manufacturing Techniques and Traditions to the World

Through Hitachi Suzuki, we are delighted to meet new customers.
This tinware embodies Japanese manufacturing techniques and traditions.
It is our sincere hope that our tinware, which we produce with utmost care, will be favorably received overseas as well as in Japan.

Company Overview

Company Name:
Sawahata Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
December 1973
December 1978
Eiju Watahiki
No. of employees:
Business description:
Manufacture and sales of Hitachi Suzuki, aluminum alloy casting, copper alloy casting, machining
3108-2 Muramatsu, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1112, Japan
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